8 Wallpaper Design Concepts for Your Rooms

Suppose you are thinking of ways to bring in zing to your houses, give your walls a facelift with fabulous wall coverings. Gone are the days of dull wallpaper prints! A fresh generation of wallpaper and murals can liven up even the drabbest of spaces.

Let the modern and creative wallpapers bring movement and character to your homes. These wall coverings were once things of the past but are making a comeback, and this time they are predicted to stay.

Forest Feels

There is magic where there are quiet trees and foliage.  A tree wallpaper bedroom gives a peaceful feeling when you bring the appeal of the outdoors inside. With the organic colors of trees, you can also put these wallpaper or murals in nurseries or a kid’s room to make it more enchanted.

Tropical Paradise

Create your paradise with giant monstera leaves, bird of paradise, and island resort elements. This theme will be a great fit in bathrooms, living rooms, and even home offices, whether contemporary or vintage. Let the summertime getaway vibe in your spaces all year long.

Zen and Inspired

A nod to the timeless chinoiserie themes, Asian images are now uplifted with a modern take. Gilding and blue and white motif, cherry blossoms, and garden scenes allow a look and feel that gives you calm and peace. Perfect for bedrooms and living rooms, these wall coverings will make your chi flow.

Geometric Shapes

Imaginative, eccentric, and fun – these geometric shapes can be loud for the maximalist and peaceful for the minimalist. This design concept offers your room rhythm and motion with the eye-catching play of shapes and colors. Whether you want a vintage or a modern-day feel, these flexible styles will offer you the little extra you want in whatever space you want them.

Abstract Affairs

Just like in art galleries and museums, abstract art speaks to the viewer. For each individual, there is one abstract masterpiece that draws you in deeply. A sense of serenity can envelop you with the right design. The abstract wallpaper styles are perfect for statement walls or all over the bedroom and home office walls for a worry-free surrounding.

Animal Attraction

Go bold and bright and surround yourself with a wonderful world under the sea or on the safari. Animal print wallpapers take you near to nature without leaving your home. Make a kid’s room whimsical with intense colors and pastels. You can also opt for a  stunning study or a den with wallpapers with a vinyl aesthetic of rich earth tones.

Garden Vignettes

Floral styles no longer look like your grandma’s walls, as garden scenes are classier and more stimulating. Make rooms warm or captivating with high class designer wallpaper with small dandelions and enormous painterly roses. Garden scenes can be best for any space in your house.

Minimalist Approach

Best for modern homes, minimalist wallpapers are streamlined and clean and definitely flexible. These can be found in shades, both abundant or subtle, dark or brilliant; however, they never ever become a distraction in any space. Contemporary minimalist houses can still be edgy with the right components starting with stunning walls.