Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Spring is the perfect season for property owners to freshen up their houses. This entails the conventional home spring cleaning, but also home maintenance. In the end, many household things require repair or upkeep once winter has passed. Listed below are just six home maintenance jobs for spring. 

Doing this at least once a month puts less stress on the device and allows it to function at maximum efficiency. A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter should be used. It traps microscopic particles like mold, pollen, and dust. To replace the air filter, homeowners should switch off the unit, remove the old filter, and then put the new filter in after the directions on its packaging. The AC unit should also be serviced before summer begins.

Maintaining Gutters and Downspouts

Maintaining gutters and downspouts clean and in good shape helps prevent household water damage. First, homeowners should remove debris from the gutters using their hands or even a garden trowel. Then a garden hose can be used to wash any remaining gunk away. Other things to do include repairing sagging gutters and gutter leaks. Next, the downspouts should be assessed for clogs by adding a garden hose in every one of these. In case of a clog, then it can be removed using a plumber’s drain snake.

Assessing for Animal Damage

This can be done because chilly weather may induce animals such as rats, squirrels, raccoons, and opossums to find refuge in the home. They do all kinds of harm to get in the attic, basement, or backyard shed. Homeowners should look for signs of chewing on outside valves, wiring, and building materials. To prevent these creatures from entering the home, any entrance points should be sealed and attic vents must be coated with strong materials. Additionally, the trees around the home ought to be trimmed.

Cleaning the Garage

Homeowners may sort out the stuff from the garage into matters to maintain, to give away or sell, and to throw away or recycle. The flooring could be pressure washed, painted, or sealed. The walls may also be painted. Storage space could be saved by installing hanging racks, storage shelves, and ropes or pulleys.

Cleaning the Fireplace

This can be achieved by removing any ashes and charred logs using chimney tools and cleaning the fireplace surround. Once the fireplace is clean, the area around it ought to be covered with a tarp. A professional chimney sweep ought to be hired to clean the chimney. Seek help from disaster restoration specialists.

 Assessing Window and Door Screens

Since it gets warmer outside, it’s important to prevent insects from entering the house. This means checking for holes at the window and door displays. Any holes which are bigger than the size of a quarter ought to be patched.

During spring, the risk of thunderstorms and flooding increases radically. Here’s the way to prevent spring floods and how to prepare for spring storms. The PuroClean team stands ready to give professional services to some property affected by fire, mold, or water damage restoration.