How to Smoke Cannabis in Eight Different Ways

When it comes to cannabis intake, the delivery system is the second most critical factor to consider, after the flower itself. Apart from the traditional joint or bong, there are several methods of marijuana smoking to discover, as well as an entire universe of variety. Even if you believe you’ve covered all bases, there’s a good possibility that something on this list may surprise you.

Weed Vessels


We combed the internet and our personal experiences in search of the strangest, most pleasant, and most effective marijuana smoking methods.


A blunt is a significantly larger variation on the joint. Blunts are an amazing method to pack a lot of cannabis into a small package for smoking pleasure. They are rolled with an additional pair of standard rolling papers or larger, sturdier blunt papers.


Bongs, alternatively referred to as water pipes, are huge pipes equipped with a water chamber that chills smoke before it reaches your lungs. On the other hand, Bongs are claimed to provide a more buttery, smooth smoking experience, highlighting the natural terpene profile. While bongs, frequently constructed of glass, are not the most portable smoking devices, they can add elegance to your coffee table.


A bowl is a component of a pipe used to contain marijuana, hash, and other flammable substances. The bowl is a unique bowl-shaped feature usually found at the end of water pipes such as bongs. At the bottom of some bowls, mesh filters prevent burning plant particles from entering the pipe and into the lungs. For that good nug for your bowl, check out this link for the best cannabis Jasper Place edmonton has to offer.

Gravity Bong

Gravity Bongs, similar to beer bongs, are intended to drive smoke into your lungs. A gravity bong works by submerging a chamber of smoke in water and forcing the smoke upward into the user’s lungs. According to legend, gravity bong hits are more potent than ordinary bong hits. 


In North America and elsewhere, the vast majority of marijuana is consumed in the form of joints. On the end of a rolling paper containing pulverized dried bud, a filter is attached. To correctly smoke a joint, a sticky strip on the rolling paper is used. A frequent error is overfilling or over rolling joints. The passage of air between buds is required for combustion to occur. Looking for good buds to roll? Check the “about us” section of this dispensary to learn more. 


Why not attempt to construct a pipe out of an apple? Although using a whole apple is the simplest option, pieces are acceptable as well. With a pen, poke a hole halfway down the apple’s core, then another in the side, ensuring the two holes connect. To smoke, place a dried marijuana flower on top of the apple and inhale through the side hole. This method of avoiding inhaling burning rolling sheets does not affect the flavor of marijuana.


A one-hitter pipe is intended to hold only enough marijuana for one hit. One-hitter pipes are small and discrete, making them a fantastic way to obtain a quick pinch of marijuana without wasting half-smoked joints. A one-hitter dugout is a concealed one-hitter pipe enclosed in a flask-shaped container for discreet marijuana ingestion.

Wooden Pipe

The most common type of pipe is glass, and if you’ve ever visited any cannabis store Edmonton has, you’ll see that glass pipes dominate the shelves. There are hardwood pipes, which have a substantial advantage over glass or stone pipes in terms of durability. Ensure that wooden pipes remain as clean as possible. Wood is permeable, absorbing smells and resin rapidly. A clean pipe produces superior-tasting smoke.


It’s difficult to become bored with so many different options and methods to experiment with when smoking marijuana. Whether you’re looking for a quick hit, a unique experience, or simply want to be creative with your marijuana, there is a way of smoking pot that is ideal for you.